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About the Product

Ashkal FZE supplied garbage bag is a disposable bag generally used to collect solid waste. Mostly used as a lining inside the waste containers to save the containers from getting dirty or get coated with any leftover waste material.

These bags come in different size and quality depending on the requirement and place of usage, for instance, a thicker garbage bag of larger size is mainly used by construction sites for heavy-duty applications in order to be able to withstand being compacted during recycling processes or collect the construction debris. On the other hand, a lighter quality is used for domestic waste collection and vice versa.

Considered as a convenient way of collecting waste, the Ashkal FZE supplied garbage bags are used widely across companies based on its fine quality, rear and tear or puncture resistance, the stronger capacity to hold the waste and lightweight nature.

At Ashkal FZE we aim at providing the most reliable garbage bag made of different resins for different users to fulfil different purposes.

Our garbage bag or contractor garbage bag cater best to our clients’ requirements enabling them to be able to confidently collect the heavy, cumbersome and problematic debris that no other garbage bag could accommodate.

Salient Features of Ashkal FZE supplied Garbage Bag


Based on the requirement or place of using one of the important factors to look for is the amount of stretch the garbage bag offers.  For instance, there’s a requirement to carry a heavy load/ construction debris you’ll need a thicker quality of higher density then there are the ones often found in office restrooms and vice versa. At Ashkal FZE, we supply the garbage bag of the mentioned quality of your choice.


Although black and white garbage bags dominate the market demand At Ashkal FZE we accommodate your choice of colours and provide you with the garbage bags in the range of rainbow colour as well as transparent.


Although the cost of a garbage bag doesn’t look like a problem unless you require it in abundance at Ashkal FZE we supply garbage bag at a suitable price in line to the quality of the product we offer.



Ashkal FZE supplied garbage bag is a quality product appreciated widely by its users. From being puncture-resistant to both high and low density, our garbage bag serves the purpose due to its exclusive stretch and strength characteristic.

Benefits of Buying from Ashkal FZE

At Ashkal FZE we strive for customer satisfaction, over the years we have put in continuous efforts to provide our clients with products that are a solution to their requirements, to fulfil their mission we offer following benefits:

  • Hassle-free Ordering: We offer a seamless ordering process to customers, simply contact us and book your order with us.
  • Customization: When it comes to size, we offer the products in the size of your choice.
  • Timely Delivery: Headquartered at UAE, Ashkal FZE offers timely international shipping for its clients in Oman across the region. To know more drop us a line at ([email protected] ) or visit our Contact page:

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