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About the Product

Since the times have changed the innovation of pragmatic solutions products has made our lives simpler and easier out of many, one such product that has solved a lot of issues and has become an essential part of the majority of people, brands and business is Lamination Film.

With our aim to provide pragmatic solutions to our clients, the Ashkal FZE supplied Lamination Film is accredited worldwide for its fine quality of eliminating cracking or loosening of weaker or thin-quality products giving stronger support at the base of its structure,  clean finishing increasing the presentability and product clarity,  cost-reduction and outstanding packaging quality.

Salient Features of Ashkal FZE supplied Lamination Film:


Ashkal FZE supplied Lamination Film is known for protecting products from dust, from any scratches, spills, abrasion.


Acclaimed for providing structural strength to the products be it of any size and thickness our Lamination Film eliminates any fear of folding or cracking assuring our clients with the sense of security.


Due to its fine manufacturing, our Lamination Film provides a distinctive look to all the products wherever they are applied. Their water, wax, dust resistance property maintains the visibility of the product while polishing the product with a distinctive shine due to the heat and pressure technique.


The Ashkal FZE supplied Lamination Film provides longevity (increase in the life span) to the products wherever applied to take their fear of danger of the charts.


At Ashkal FZE we aim at reducing the cost of your production through our fine quality manufacturing of Lamination Film, that protects your products from abrasion with its high-resistance quality reducing the cost of changing the product over time.

Benefits of buying Ashkal FZE supplied Lamination Film?

The Ashkal FZE supplied Lamination Film is a fine quality product. Our Lamination Film is known for its tensile strength, high durability, resistance from dust, stains, abrasions, contamination making it a cost-effective and trusted option for our clients in the construction and other sectors. The Lamination Film we supply goes through a stringent production process meeting higher quality standards than any of our competitors and their products.

Why buy from Ashkal FZE?

At Ashkal FZE we strive for customer satisfaction, over the years we have put in continuous efforts to provide our clients with products that are a solution to their requirements, to fulfil their mission we offer following benefits:

Hassle-free Ordering: We offer a seamless ordering process to our customers, simply contact us and book your order with us.

Customization: When it comes to different quantities, packaging size, we offer the products in the size of your choice.

Cost-effective: We understand how much dependency rests on the materials provided by us. Hence, we offer a variety of products that are produced in an economical way and of best quality making it a cost-effective solution for our clients giving them a reduction in their total revenue expenditure.

Shipping: Headquartered at UAE, Ashkal FZE offers timely international shipping for its clients in Italy across the region. To know more drop us a line at ([email protected]) or visit

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