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About the product:

No more third world crisis.
Yes, you read it right.
No third world crisis of bad quality products anymore.

At Ashkal FZE we make sure to serve a solution to your worry our products are world recognised, high-quality, and a solution to our problems. One such product of thought is our Lamination Film.

The Ashkal FZE produced Lamination film ensures the product safety through its Skin like contact when applied over the product.  Our Lamination film is renowned for its product security, base support and a wrinkle-free, clear and transparent product view.

The usage of our Lamination film does one very prominent act for any company that is of cost reduction which is a major benefit for any company that deals in logistics, transportation etc.

What makes Ashkal FZE produced Lamination Film so special?

Well, it’s not that only Lamination Films are special, all our products are manufactured and produced in fine quality. The Ashkal FZE produced Lamination films are of high tensile quality that offers the following when applied:

  • It acts as a protective skin layer to wherever applied, the lamination film covers the product through its blow torch method where when the heat is applied the sheet compresses and gives the protection from dust, scratches, spills and abrasion.
  • Our Lamination Film focuses on giving a base to the structure of the products when laminated under our produced sheet. Since the sheet is transparent and has no colour on it, the clarity of the product makes the products look presentable.
  • Its Longevity is a commendable feature which each our clients talk about while sharing their feedback with us. Usage of our manufactured Lamination Film helps them to attain a safer logistic transport of the products due to their lamination.



Product Information:
Film Parameters Unit Value
THICKNESS µm 20 to 200
ROLL LENGTH mm Customized
ROLL WIDTH mm Up to 1600 mm (Multiple ups)
APPEARANCE Clear Transparent or Opaque
SURFACE TENSION Dynes/cm > 38 dynes
COF   0.10 – 0.25
WINDING   Flush winding. There shall be no Blocking of Layers.
REEL OD mm 600 – 800
CORE ID mm 76/152
PACKING   Individual Rolls wrapped with transparent PE sheet and Corrugated sheet from outside. stretch wrapped and strapped together with Plastic straps on the Pallet


Why buy from Ashkal FZE?

At Ashkal FZE we keep customer satisfaction at the highest priority hence we are recognised for the best quality among the vast range of clientele coming from various domains at our counter.

Our product manufacturing process is designed to provide a top-class high quality requested product that is sustainable, long-lasting and works as a solution to your production stream.

Our production process is streamlined for a clearer understanding based on the following factors:

Seamless Ordering: it is our vision that no one should experience any trouble while connecting with us to place an order with us, be it any part of the world. Simply contact us and book your order with us.

Customization: Your wish is our command. When it comes to having our product in your way, we customise the products in the size of your own choice.

Price friendly: We understand that raw materials are the crux of any production spree. Thus, products that we provide are of the best quality at a cost that is affordable to your pockets at the same time.

Shipping: Although we are headquartered at UAE, at Ashkal FZE we manage a high cycle of on-time international shipping for our clients in TOGO. To know more about the same visit on our

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