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What are Pallet Covers?

The products and materials that are bigger in size and larger in quantity are usually transported through water mediums which are covered under boxes that are made of fine quality polyethylene material that gives safety to their products during the transit.

These covers are a safety measure to retain the quality of the product which set to be delivered to another part of the world.

Once packed under the pallet covers the products gain strength and protection from various problems such as protection from bad weather, abrasion, tampering, germs and much more at the same time. All in all, safety cloak from any and every type of problem.

Salient Features of Ashkal FZE supplied Pallet Covers:

  • Our manufacturing of Pallet Covers packaging doesn’t limit itself to a set of size rather we are a potential company that has all the more resources to provide you with your choice of dimensions and size. Our Pallet Covering is preferred for larger load or pallet size.
  • Another special feature of the Pallet Covers that we provide is that there is no touching of your products. The packaging remains settled and done through the machinery the products remain safe from any change that can take place during the packaging process.
  • Our Pallet Covers are highly acclaimed and renowned by the range of clientele we have for its total coverage to the pallets right from the bottom to the top with all the air sucked outside keeping the structure/shape and size of the product intact and same as it should be.
  • Our Pallet Cover Packaging process is the safest processes that you may ever across. It assures excellent pallet stability, weather resistance and UV protection to the products while offering safety from any damage.

Why buy from Ashkal FZE?

At Ashkal FZE we keep customer satisfaction at the highest priority hence we are recognised for the best quality among the vast range of clientele coming from various domains at our counter. Our product manufacturing process is designed to provide a top-class high quality requested product that is sustainable, long-lasting and works as a solution to your production stream. Our production process is streamlined for a clearer understanding based on the following factors:

Seamless Ordering: it is our vision that no one should experience any trouble while connecting with us to place an order with us, be it any part of the world. Simply contact us and book your order with us.

Customization: Your wish is our command. When it comes to having our product in your way, we customise the products in the size of your own choice.

Price friendly: We understand that raw materials are the crux of any production spree. Thus, products that we provide are of the best quality at a cost that is affordable to your pockets at the same time.

Shipping: Although we are headquartered at UAE, at Ashkal FZE we manage a high cycle of on-time international shipping for our clients in TOGO. To know more about the same visit on our