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About the Product

Lamination is the technique of manufacturing a material in multiple layers, so that the composite material achieves improved strength, stability, sound insulation, appearance or other properties from the use of differing materials. A laminate is a permanently assembled object by heat, pressure, welding, or adhesives.

PE Lamination Films are co-extruded in 3/5 Layer state of the art blown film lines.  Our films are ideal for use as sealant layer due to excellent seal response, high clarity and superior physical strength.

Special applications for Lamination grade films can be developed on customer request.

Product Information:

Film Parameters Unit Value
THICKNESS µm 20 to 200
ROLL LENGTH mm Customized
ROLL WIDTH mm Up to 1600 mm (Multiple ups)
APPEARANCE Clear Transparent or Opaque
SURFACE TENSION Dynes/cm > 38 dynes
COF   0.10 – 0.25
WINDING   Flush winding. There shall be no Blocking of Layers.
REEL OD mm 600 – 800
CORE ID mm 76/152
PACKING   Individual Rolls wrapped with transparent PE sheet and Corrugated sheet from outside. stretch wrapped and strapped together with Plastic straps on the Pallet

Benefits of buying Ashkal FZE supplied Lamination Film?

The Lamination Film we supply goes through a stringent production process meeting higher quality standards than any of our competitors and their products.

Why buy from Ashkal FZE?

At Ashkal FZE we strive for customer satisfaction, over the years we have put in continuous efforts to provide our clients with products that are a solution to their requirements, to fulfil their mission we offer following benefits:

Hassle-free Ordering: We offer a seamless ordering process to our customers, simply contact us and book your order with us.

Customization: When it comes to different quantities, packaging size, we offer the products in the size of your choice.

Cost-effective: We understand how much dependency rests on the materials provided by us. Hence, we offer a variety of products that are produced in an economical way and of best quality making it a cost-effective solution for our clients giving them a reduction in their total revenue expenditure.

Shipping: Headquartered at UAE, Ashkal FZE offers timely international shipping for its clients in  across the region. To know more drop us a line at (email id) or visit our Contact page.

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