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About the Product

Times have changed and so are the living standards of the people, be it in terms of shelter, occupation, clothes, food and technology, not even a single sector is left untouched from the change that has come. Over the years there have been ample of essentials that have become an important part of our lives, one of the very essentials amongst others that we humans have managed to dwell upon is plastic.

None of us are unaware of the severity of environmental depletion and the causes behind it and its quality of not getting decomposed, hence, deriving a way to use the amount of plastic in a way where recycling it is not a problem we innovated a new technique which after its implementation makes the plastic usage in places where its usage became a solution rather than any problem.

One such result produced a product called Polyethylene which is a petroleum-based solution and is the most eco-friendly produced plastic that’s used widely in many different sectors for its different qualities provided in different varieties available in the market.

Although there are many Polyethylene based products one of the most popular and simple products that is derived out of it is called Sufra Roll. Also known as Table Cloth used widely across households and many other places, these are widely used and acceptable product out of the list of products made out of Polyethylene.

These rolls are available in the market in different size, thickness and colour. One can buy them based on their choice of colour or preference.

The Ashkal FZE supplied Sufra Roll, where commercially known as table cover, printed by some attractive pictures on variety of a colored film where the thickness varies from 15mm to 50mm. We use only raw material oxo biodegradable and good approved ink, that’s why ASHKAL is one of the leaders in plastic market.

Benefits of buying Ashkal FZE supplied Sufra Roll?

The Ashkal FZE supplied Sufra Roll is a fine quality product. Our Sufra Roll is known for its strength, high durability, resistance from dust, stains, making it a cost-effective and trusted option for our clients. Besides, these come in creative prints and different designs too.  The Sufra Roll we supply goes through a stringent production process meeting higher quality standards than any of our competitors and their products

Why buy from Ashkal FZE?

At Ashkal FZE we strive for customer satisfaction, over the years we have put in continuous efforts to provide our clients with products that are a solution to their requirements, to fulfil their mission we offer products that come along with the following benefits:

  • Hassle-free Ordering: We offer a seamless ordering process to our customers, simply contact us and book your order with us.
  • Customization: When it comes to different quantities, packaging size, we offer the products in the size of your choice.
  • Cost-effective: We understand how much dependency rests on the materials provided by us. Hence, we offer a variety of products that are produced in an economical way and of best quality making it a cost-effective solution for our clients giving them a reduction in their total revenue expenditure.
  • Shipping: Headquartered at UAE, Ashkal FZE offers timely international shipping for its clients in Italy across the region. To know more drop us a line at ([email protected]) or visit

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