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Tarpaulins is a very resistant material which is mainly used for shelter from: wind, rain, sunlight. We have also Fire-retardant tarpaulin available in different sizes.

Available Sizes

  • PE Tarpaulin Size : 40ft x 40ft, & 20ft x 20ft Heavy Duty, Colour : One side silver & other side orange, Waterproof, Thickness : 200 GSM
  • PE Tarpaulin Size : 30ft x 40ft & 40ft x 40ft Colour :Blue
  • PVC Tarpaulin : Sizes: 20ft x 20ft, 30ft x 30ft, 40ft x 40ft, Heavy Duty, Fire Retardant, Colour : Grey or Orange, Thickness : 300 GSM

All tarpaulins are certified and tested at highest market standards.

Why buy from Ashkal?

  1. Material Selection and Support

We provide Professional and dedicated support for purchasing the appropriate packaging material for your application.

  1. Seamless Process

We will coordinate the entire packaging material process for you, from conception to delivery and ongoing support.

  1. Full customization

You can customize your order down to the smallest detail.

Size, colour, logo and more – create the product you want.

  1. Reliability

About 20 years on the market. Thousands of satisfied clients worldwide.

With Ashkal you can be sure of the quality of goods and timely shipment.

  1. We are available 24/7 for you

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