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About the Product

Time has changed so is the conditions with it. We live in a period where an aggressive growth of means to retain the survival of the humankind has become an essential drill to be done. Extensive researches are sanctioned to get enough resources to come with pragmatic solutions for different sectors suitable to their requirements. One such sector that requires more support through the right set of solutions is the Agriculture Sector.

The increased pollution and degrading of natural resources along with the damage in the atmospheric layers have made the sunlight dangerous for the crops, plants to take it directly hence an artificial means of barrier that can work as a layer of protection for the crops and plants allowing only the right amount of light to enter or fall on them.

The purpose is solved with the recent innovations in Polymers and Polyethylene and different products that come out of it. The agriculture sector has increased its efficiency and crop productivity with the usage of plastics worldwide in the last decades.

One such solution that’s provided by Polyethylene is through the manufacturing of different types of films that help in nurturing the plantations, crops and plants.

At Ashkal FZE we understand how much of a big deal it is to keep this sector ignited throughout the year. Hence, we have invested years of experience in developing solutions to the various requirements that the sector faces.

At Ashkal we provide our clients with some of the main agricultural films such as Geo-membrane, Silage, Mulch Film and Film for covering Greenhouses. Ashkal FZE has different solutions for each type of film, to improve its features and properties contributing to greater efficiency and crop productivity.

Benefits of buying Ashkal FZE supplied Agricultural Film?

The Ashkal FZE supplied Agricultural Film is a fine quality product. Our Agricultural Film is known for its tensile strength, high durability, resistance from dust, stains, abrasions, contamination making it a cost-effective and trusted option for our clients in the construction and other sectors. The Agricultural Film we supply goes through a stringent production process meeting higher quality standards than any of our competitors and their products.

Why buy from Ashkal FZE?

At Ashkal FZE we strive for customer satisfaction, over the years we have put in continuous efforts to provide our clients with products that are a solution to their requirements, to fulfil their mission we offer products that come along with the following benefits:

Hassle-free Ordering: We offer a seamless ordering process to our customers, simply contact us and book your order with us.

Customization: When it comes to different quantities, packaging size, we offer the products in the size of your choice.

Cost-effective: We understand how much dependency rests on the materials provided by us. Hence, we offer a variety of products that are produced in an economical way and of best quality making it a cost-effective solution for our clients giving them a reduction in their total revenue expenditure.

Shipping: Headquartered at UAE, Ashkal FZE offers timely international shipping for its clients in across the region. To know more drop us a line at (email id) or visit our Contact page.