UV resistant for Higher Shelf life

UV resistant for Higher Shelf life

Ashkal MP12 is a special grade multicolor film (one side white/another side black). It has been specially designed for milk packaging to offer enhanced shelf life to pasteurized liquid milk.

The white color side offers a special surface for printing inks of all kinds especially Flexo Inks. While the backside is specially prepared to offer maximum resistance from harmful UV light from the spectrum of sunlight. This property helps prevents/slows down rapid bacterial growth that usually spoils the milk.

Our unique PE film-based solution offers an economical packaging solution to keep costs of packaging lower over PVDC/EVOH coated films.



Multi-layer PE films 25-150μ. Transparent, White opaque.
Versatile and tailored sealing properties.
Low SIT films depending on application requirements.
High clarity, hazy, matt finish effects added on demand.
Antifog, Antistatic, Antibacterial, Chemical resistant properties added on demand.